Car Insurance Key Factors that affect your Rate


Do you really understand what key factors actually influence you and your family’s car insurance?  Most individuals don not realize all of the items that are analyzed before an auto insurance company actually provides you with an insurance quote.  All one has to do is head over to Money Marvel to comprehend fully that there are 11 major factors that determine what your car insurance rates will be.  This includes any other moving vehicle that you may need to insure as well such as motorcycles, all terrain vehicles and RV’s.  Don’t feel bad that you are not aware of these items that affect your car insurance rates as most of the general population know very little if nothing at all.  It really isn’t something that insurance companies discuss with their clients but probably should. Continue reading “Car Insurance Key Factors that affect your Rate”

Las Vegas Building Renovation & Asbestos Removal Issues


Historical building renovation has always captured my attention and if I were slightly wealthy, I would do it simply for the joy of it and as a true ‘hobby’.  I’ve had opportunities come up to be involved in older buildings that could be suited for repurposing, but the expense sent It off into a category beyond the stratosphere. (And when I say beyond the stratosphere, I actually do mean the Stratosphere Hotel Casino in Las Vegas). Continue reading “Las Vegas Building Renovation & Asbestos Removal Issues”

The Top Three Restaurants in New York for Foodies

burgers and lobsters restaurant

burger and seafood restaurant

New York has always been my favorite place to eat at great restaurants, since the city is so diverse. You can eat great Italian food, Mexican food, and even Mediterranean food. I will always love a good gyro. My occupation is to review restaurants for a living, so I know which restaurants in New York take the cake and which ones to avoid. As opposed to selling my thoughts in a published book, I thought I would just share my thoughts with you guys online. Continue reading “The Top Three Restaurants in New York for Foodies”

Tampa Fl Trip in April. Looking for Restaurants to Try


I’m looking forward to my next trip to Florida and I am planning on spending a lot of time in the Tampa area for this trip.  Whenever I make a journey like this, I always like to preplan dining.  There’s nothing like finding out that there is an incredible restaurant in the area and not being able to get a reservation because you did not think far enough ahead.  So, I’m doing my research on the Tampa area restaurants.  Rather than make notes in a tablet or on a computer, I figured that I would post here and keep adding to it as I start to make decisions. Continue reading “Tampa Fl Trip in April. Looking for Restaurants to Try”

Maybe riding my OneWheel+ in the house was not a good idea.

Well, the wall board at the end of the hallway has been fixed.  Next we need to have it repainted.

The other casualty was my glasses.  They went flying off my face and I rolled over the top of them.  Now I’m off to find a Tulsa eye clinic that I can get these replaced with.  I heard Dr. Zoellner was a decent guy to deal with – so I’m headed there tomorrow.

I’ve gotten better at the Onewheel and ride almost every day.

Caught a gross (and almost fatal) error in a commercial kitchen

Just a few months ago, I was visiting a commercial kitchen in Miami. My sister Naomi went to culinary school so now she knows her way around all the commercial kitchens, so she was showing me around at the place she works. After hours, of course. While we were there, I noticed that the grease trap was filled to the brim. It wasn’t really noticeable unless you looked right at it, which is probably why all those chefs had missed it previously. Subsequently, I told Naomi that they needed to hire a hood cleaner. Since I was already there and planned on hanging out with her, I watched them do their work. Continue reading “Caught a gross (and almost fatal) error in a commercial kitchen”

Upcoming movies in 2018

There are a ton of sequels, remakes, and even reboots coming out within the next year. This article (and maybe even the next one, too) are going to be about these movies and my commentary so far. First up on the list is actually two movies coming out this year, that I just wanted to mention really quick. Next friday the new Blade Runner movie is coming out, and I’m super pumped to see it. In fact, this is one of the few movies that I won’t spoil by looking up the plot the night it comes out. Continue reading “Upcoming movies in 2018”

The importance of organization

My raggedy appearance might say otherwise, but I’m a huge stickler for organization. I organize most of my titled belongings, such as video games and movies, by alphabet. My morning routine is always the exact same every morning before school, otherwise, I have difficulty functioning. If you read one of my past posts, you will remember how I mentioned a symptom of generalized anxiety disorder, intolerance of uncertainty. If I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do or what will happen, my mind will instantly think of some kind of alternate route or escape from the situation. Now, I think that order and organization should be present in all people’s lives. Structure isn’t just a pillar of society, it is literally the pillar itself. Continue reading “The importance of organization”